I love directing. The first time I can recall directing was when I was about eight years old and living in Taiwan. I had friends over and we were playing in my parents’ room. I started telling them what they should do (dance, sing or talk about something), how they should do it and where they should stand while doing it. Clearly, it was only a matter of time before I would start directing.

My first directing job was Fairy Bones, which starred Lucy Liu in her New York theater debut.


Alabama Rain (reading)
DiDi Goes to War (reading) - TCJ Productions
Where You End, I Begin (reading) - New Jersey Repertory Company
Falling Leaves (reading) - Pan Asian Repertory Theatre
Tea - Pan Asian Repertory Theatre
The Shining Queen -  Aspen District Theater
At a Plank Bridge - Theater for the New City
Kokoro/True Heart - Urban Stages
Yin Chin Bow (showcase) - Playwright’s Preview Productions
Fairy Bones - Pan Asian Repertory Theatre